Through our newsletter, TreeWalks, and presentations, ETF has helped to educate thousands of people about the many benefits of a healthy urban forest. Most consider Eugene and ‘tree-friendly’ city, but there remains a shortage of accurate, up-to-date arboricultural information about that would help us best to achieve our common goals of tree-lined streets and livable neighborhoods. Our Legacy Tree Program is one more step towards making Eugene’s natural resources, their history and future, topics familiar to all.

Our current education program includes:

  • Quarterly newsletter, available free to any interested party
  • Four to six neighborhood TreeWalks per year
  • Tree Steward training to help teach citizens to maintain young street trees
  • Our slideshow, “Eugene’s Urban Forest: A Community Treasure” (contact us to schedule a presentation)

We are currently developing a project-oriented program to teach design and planting considerations for school, neighborhood, or civic group sponsored planting activities. If you are planning a landscape project with your group, we’d love to help.