ETF’s advocacy programs aim to influence and create local policies that promote tree preservation and ecologically minded urban design. As Eugene expands within its urban growth boundary, maintaining healthy landscapes that include large trees will become more difficult. With foresight and planning, the future Eugene could be a city of bustle, vibrancy, and natural charm. A thriving urban forest is an important component of a successful increase in density and economic growth.

ETF advocates in a few basic ways:

  • We respond to requests from individuals for information and support related to tree preservations issues that affect their properties or neighborhoods.  We provide valuable insight into how tree preservation can work in both private and public developments gleaned from our 10 years of experience in working on tree-related issues.  We have successfully brokered agreements to preserve trees and mitigate tree loss where possible.
  • We provide input on public planning and development projects to ensure that new programs guarantee a healthy future for our urban forest.  ETF has been instrumental in shaping such projects as the West Broadway streetscape, mixed-use center designs, and commercial landscape plans.
  • We review and make recommendations on governmental policies such as land use code amendments and comprehensive plans related to natural areas and urban landscapes.  ETF is a recognized key stakeholder for comments on new planning documents and proposed policy changes.

Advocacy Notice

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