About The Legacy Tree Program

Because ETF believes that education is crucial to preserving the health of our urban forest, we have created the Legacy Tree Program. A Legacy Tree is a tree of great size, age, historical significance or rarity. By identifying and mapping these trees, we hope to make them accessible to all, and thereby raise awareness our Eugene’s unique natural and cultural history.

Each Legacy Tree is identified by a small plaque that includes its botanical and common name. By recognizing those trees that make an exceptional aesthetic or cultural contribution to the community, the Legacy Tree Program will more effectively demonstrate the important role the urban forest plays in our lives.

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What is a Legacy Tree?

A Legacy Tree can be on private or public property but must be accessible for viewing by the public, be within city limits, and possess one or more of the following attributes:

The Legacy Tree Program is entirely voluntary, requiring written permission of the owner, private or public. Legacy Tree status does not restrict the owner’s use or maintenance of the tree or surrounding property.


Anyone may nominate a tree. Nominations will be reviewed in June of every year by the Legacy Tree Committee, which consists of one Eugene Tree Foundation representative, one Parks and Open Space staff, one local arborist, and at least one at-large member. Honorees will be inducted in the fall.

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Thanks to Eugene Parks And Open Space, Lane Forest Products, Pacific Tree Climbing Institute, Rising Moon Organics, and Sperry Tree Care for their support of this program.

Legacy Tree at Gillespie Butte